Agyrosomus regius is a migratory fish species which belongs to the Sciaenidae family. It is distributed in the Eastern Atlantic, from Norway to Gibraltar and Congo, and it is punctually present in some areas within the Mediterranean Sea. In the last decade, Meagre has become an increasingly important fish species to Mediterranean aquaculture. Several biological characteristics such as capability to withstand diverse environmental conditions, fast growth and a good feed conversion rate when fed dry formulated feeds make Meagre an interesting candidate for aquaculture. Nevertheless, there are biological aspects such as the depth range and migration that would be difficult to respect in usual farming conditions. However, some of the present rearing conditions could be optimized to improve welfare. Stress responses to common farming conditions could be minimized using appropriate light conditions, densities and diets according the nutritional requirements of the species. Further research needed on the development of a humane stunning and slaughter protocol, incidence of malformation, aggression and substrate needs.