The Fish Ethology* Database "FishEthoBase" is designed to collect, systematise and make available (open access) all ethological knowledge to be found on fish in the wild and in captivity, with a focus on farmed species in order to help improve fish welfare in aquaculture and avoid practices that harm fish.

* ethology = behaviour research


We invite you to contribute

FishEthoBase is an initiative of a small association, based on the shoulders of some dedicated scientists and endowed with contributions of a few institutions which help us to proceed from species to species. Our prospects are limited and actually suffice barely until February 2016, but we look forward with the boldness of the poor eager for knowledge.

We appreciate comments and own contributions from scientists and practitioners. We warmly welcome also any donation supporting our future work. Please contact ethology@fair-fish.net. Thank you!


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FishEthoBase is supported by various institutions and foundations.

FishEthoBase cooperates with:
CCMAR Centro de Ciências do MAR, Faro, Portugal
IMEDEA Institut Mediterrani d'Estudis Avançats
• FishBase, the world's leading fish database
FSVO Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office
Fish Working Group of Eurogroup for Animals
Fischwissen.ch, well-being ornamental and lab fish 
Friend of the Sea certification scheme in fishereies and aquaculture


Invitation  by João Luis Saraiva

Updated Overview by Billo Heinzpeter Studer
Poster June 2018

To point out parts unknown is an absolutely essential scientific pioneering work.
  The discovery of America

We are determined:  the project team

A look back to the 2nd Summer Shoal 
on Fish Ethology & Welfare

1-4 September 2018, Italy
 Full text book and session videos

FishEthoBase research team to consult fish farmers and develop fish welfare criteria for "Friend of the Sea"

Fish welfare?  Our understanding

What does a fish know?  Jonathan Balcombe’s book

Stakeholder dialogue April 2017:  Results