Picture Oscar (Astronotus ocellatus) by Jón Helgi JónssonAstronotus ocellatus by Jón Helgi Jónsson under the CC BY-SA license

Fish Welfare Course

11-13 November 2019


The first edition of the Fish Welfare Course

The behaviour and welfare of fish is an essential topic that is gaining momentum in aquaculture, fisheries and academia. However, the correct assessment of the welfare state of fish and the promotion of best practices that ensure good welfare must rely on a) solid scientific knowledge of the biology of fish and b) appropriate design and use of technical solutions. Fish welfare has largely progressed in recent years both in research and industry, and all stakeholders should be able to benefit from these advancements. The dialogue between researchers, industry and consumers ultimately benefits all parties involved: fish live better lives, scientists have better research models, industry has better fish with higher market value and consumers eat a better product. Knowledge is therefore key for better welfare of fish.

fair-fish international , CCMAR , and the Fish Ethology and Welfare Group are proud to present the first edition of our Fish Welfare Course. We carefully selected top international experts in their fields to teach each module, which were specifically designed to have a practical approach. This intensive 3-day training program aims to provide a complete theoretical and practical knowledge base to:

  • understand the biology of fish welfare
  • design welfare programs in captive and wild caught fish
  • correctly assess the welfare state of fish
  • appropriately use technical solutions to improve the welfare of fish.


Target audience

The course is directed to:

  • biologists, veterinarians and technicians working in fish farms of fisheries,
  • operation directors in aquaculture or fisheries
  • quality managers in aquaculture or fisheries
  • scientists, researchers and MSc or PhD students in the field of aquaculture, fisheries, fish biology, ethology or physiology
  • members of NGOs and associations promoting fish welfare
  • members of the general public with interest in fish welfare and a background in fish science.



Fish Welfare Course

CCMAR, Faro, Portugal

11-13 November 2019


Participants are expected to have at least some background in fish science, aquaculture, fisheries or related disciplines.

Number of participants

The course will occur upon confirmation of a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 30.

Talks, fees and registration